Work on new voting mechanism - message from IAFL President

Posted on the 11th Jul 2013 in the category Articles

As IAFL members understand, the Association's constitution requires "a meeting of the membership at least once every two years ... normally ... in conjunction with a conference of the Association" and specifies that "The election of officers must also take place at [that] meeting." In response to concerns expressed by IAFL members, the 2011-2013 executive committee agreed to establish a special committee to consider revising the policy for executive committee election procedures, and the role and structural constitution of the special committee was discussed with those who attended the general meeting of the membership in Mexico City. The previous and current executive committees recognize the desirability of an involved membership, and the goal is to create a voting mechanism that will enable all members to play an active role. 

Following the successful model established for the Association's Code of Practice, a committee comprising members of the association who are not IAFL officers, along with one ordinary member of the executive committee, will make recommendations prior to the next general meeting.   

I am happy to report that Larry Solan, an IAFL past president, has agreed to chair the special committee, and retired Justice Peter Gray has agreed to serve on it. Other IAFL members will be identified by these two members and asked to join the committee and make recommendations. Once the recommendations are vetted by the executive committee, all current members of the association will have an opportunity to vote on the recommended procedures. The aim is to conduct the next elections following a scheme that all members will have had an opportunity to vote on and that will allow all members to vote.  

Ed Finegan

IAFL President 

IAFL11 to honour Prof. Turell

Posted on the 2nd May 2013 in the category Articles

The eleventh biennial IAFL Conference on Forensic Linguistics/Language and Law will be held in honour of the late IAFL President Maria Teresa Turell.

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