Code of Practice draft now online

Posted on the 7th May 2013 in the category Press Release

The IAFL Executive Committee is pleased to make available to members a draft Code of Practice that provides "principles of ethical conduct (...) intended to guide those members of the International Association of Forensic Linguists who engage in forensic linguistic research and legal consulting and testimony."

This Code of Practice was produced by a Drafting Committee through the examination of Codes of Practice used by comparable organisations, and careful consideration of the relevant issues for forensic linguists engaged in this work. For this work the IAFL EC is grateful to the members of that Committee, being Ron Butters, Tim Grant, Le Cheng and Georgina Heydon. In addition, Ed Finegan and Peter Gray of the Executive Committee have also offered very wise and helpful advice. We also acknowledge the work put in by Krzysztof Kredens to make this draft available to members through the IAFL website.

Finally, the IAFL EC wishes to note the extensive contribution made by our dear friend and IAFL President, Maite Terrell, to both the content and the development of this Code of Practice. We trust that the final document will stand as a testament to the dedication with which Maite undertook her role as President even in her most difficult days.

The Executive Committee welcomes feedback on this document and asks members to forward any comments to the Code of Practice Drafting Subcommittee via Ron Butters ( Feedback e-mails should contain the note "CODE OF PRACTICE FEEDBACK" subject line. Individual comments will be taken under careful consideration by the EC in preparation for a draft that will be voted upon by the membership.

Please click the link below to download the document (pdf file).

Code of Practice draft now online

IAFL11 to honour Prof. Turell

Posted on the 2nd May 2013 in the category Articles

The eleventh biennial IAFL Conference on Forensic Linguistics/Language and Law will be held in honour of the late IAFL President Maria Teresa Turell.

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