2017 IAFL conference travel awards

Posted on the 20th Mar 2017 in the category Press Release

Dear all

I’m delighted to announce the outcome for the 2017 IAFL conference travel awards.

As has become our tradition the awards committee was chaired by the IAFL Vice President, this year Georgina Heydon, and I’d like to thank her and her committee for their diligent work. I should also like to thank all those who applied and although not everyone can be successful in their application, I know that the standard was very high and that we can all look forward to an excellent set of papers at the forthcoming conference.

The IAFL awards committee, has selected the following applicants to receive the awards:

Roger Shuy Award - Esther Wangui Kimani for their paper on “An Honourable Suspect”: (In)Congruity As Legitimization In The International Criminal Court.

Malcolm Coulthard Award - Nicole Payan for their paper on The Least I Can Do Is Speak Out: Projecting Voice Through Aboriginal Oral Traditions.

Teresa M. Turell Award - M. Teresita Adriana Reyes Careaga for their paper on A proposal to classify a forensic speech database in Spanish according to linguistic characteristics.

IAFL Porto Awards

Cristina Greco for their paper on The Falange Armata Letters: Authorship Profiling of Linguistic Markers of Style and Ideology in Italian Terrorist Communication.

Olumide Popoola for their paper on Genre violation as an indicator of deception in online reviews.

Anna Carolina Land Corrêa for their paper on Does “social group” help us elaborate refugee-related policies?

Congratulations to all – I look forward to hearing from you all in July.


As IAFL President

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